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Ingena: Sustainable Finance Insights Lead by Chemical Engineers

Ingena (see: is a sustainable finance news and insight platform founded by two chemical engineering students between their penultimate and final years in this department. Built upon an appreciation for the value financial markets and services provide to our society, driving efficiency and allocating capital where it is most deserving. This appreciation, combined with an understanding of the urgency of climate action instilled on Imperial’s Chemical Engineering degree lead to the natural conclusion that financial systems would have to grow to adapt to reflect these realities (as they are beginning to).

Ingena focuses on shining a spotlight on developments on the cutting edge of sustainable finance and business, with a particular focus on energy. Our mission is to inform the next generation of young professionals and inspire individuals to adopt sustainable strategies in their future employment.

We aim to foster this profound appreciation of the benefits and returns of sustainable investing, finance, and business practices by:

  • Providing unique insights into ESG investment strategies to challenge traditional perceptions.

  • Creating an environment for innovative thinkers and dedicated researchers on the subject of ESG to discuss their ideas and insights into the industry.

  • Generating a domino effect – by spreading knowledge about the value of ESG investing and continue to influence investors in engaging these principles in their enterprise thus increasing its profitability and ethical practice.

Our team is a community of passionate individuals who share a common interest in spreading awareness and recognition for all things ESG and sustainability. Our writers and analysts all understand that collective initiative is necessary for achieving a sustainable future, and it’s this forward-thinking that makes Ingena so distinctive.  

Beyond spreading insights and news, Ingena strives to guide our team in their professional development and personal growth. Whether it be to expand their expertise in the industry or assist them in their respected career aspirations, we want to resonate our mission to inspire throughout Ingena’s internal culture and values. Therefore, we offer frequent networking sessions, workshops, and webinars to really ensure that our team is the best that they can be.

Therefore, we hope that our culture to inspire all allows us to reach our next set of goals and help our generation be one step closer towards sustainable business practice. Whilst we are currently providing insights and analysis to our audience on a frequent basis, we are immensely excited about what the future for Ingena holds and how we will continue to grow. Our articles will continue to provide specialised insights at a business level, and we aim to continue expanding our knowledge by developing relationships with industry leaders and professionals. By doing so, we hope that the articles we publish will continue to be full of impactful, relatable, and stimulating information so our audience remains to be engaged in the world of finance.

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