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Meet your Committee of 2022/23


Paulina Gordina


Let’s have a blast of year with social events, careers talks, tours, reading Pipeline, going to Frank Morton, and more in-person activity!

I will be working hard this year making sure the society functions and grows, and that our lovely committee are doing alright and are supported in their endeavours. You can also catch me brewing beer as part of the Beer Club we have recently re-started in ChemEngSoc :) About me: I am going into my 4th year, I like hands-on activities (picture is me with ravioli I made) and watching the F1. And it is very likely you will catch me working in the RODH study rooms! I am very friendly, so if you want to stop by and chat, maybe talk through a cool idea you have for the Soc, please feel free to do so!


Radhika Nyayadhish

Vice Chair

Whether it'd be fun social events or serious professional development, ChemEngSoc is here for you!

I am Radhika, your Vice Chair. I oversee Industrial Relations, Tours and Alumni. I also manage the Subcommittee Program which gives a great opportunity to members to get involved and make a change in the Soc! I am excited to get to know all of you and if you have any ideas feel free to come chat :) About me: I am a 3rd year who loves to crochet, dance (especially Bhangra) and binge watch Modern Family.

Khushali Photo.jpg

Khushali Gosain

Events Officer

Looking to meet new people and have a fun time? ChemEngSoc Events is here for you!

Hi all! I'm Khushali Gosain, a 3rd year and one of your Events Officers this year.  About me: I enjoy baking, reading and trying iced lattes from cute cafes! I'm super excited for the events we have planned for this year, so I hope to see you there :)


Niam Shah

Events Officer

I’m here to make your experience amazing and unforgettable with some memorable events!

My role as Events Officer is to plan out social events throughout the year for all ChemEng students! I hope more people will be able to meet each other and socialise a lot more. I can’t wait to see you all at our events! About me: I am a 2nd year student from North London. I love my sports; Football, F1 and Cricket, I support Man Utd, Mercedes and India in each of these sports. I like watching movies/TV shows and going out!


Defne Demirdesen


My mission is to let everyone be connected via ChemEngSoc.

I will be responsible for the newsletter and helping our Communications team build an amazing network. We are going to advertise well-organised social events and incredible opportunities. About me: I will be a 3rd year. I like travelling, cooking and watching movies.



Hana Khatib


I oversee financial activities to ensure everyone has a valuable ChemEngSoc experience.

As part of the executive committee, I operate the finanical side of the committee, to ensure the society makes the most out of the budget! Looking forward to having a fully in-person experience this year, and if you have any ideas, please do reach out to me or the rest of the committee! About me: I love going to the beach and doing water sports, as well as ice skating.




Bide (Peter) Chen

Industrial Relations Officer

Struggling to kickstart your career? Industrial Relations Officer is here to help!

Assessment centre, consulting workshops, recruitment presentations and more! I will keep everyone well-informed of the job opportunities out there and provide training to get all of you fully prepared for the applications. Join our career events to save your time in searching for your dream job!

About me: I’m Bide, a 2nd year, you can also call me Peter. I like playing badminton and squash during my leisure time and love everything about classical music.

Jonathan Low.png

Jonathan Low

Industrial Relations Officer

Finding your dream internship has never been easier.

I manage our society’s relations with many different companies in industry. This means bringing YOU career opportunities and workshops, and sponsorships to fund all of our fun events. Whether you’re confused where to begin, or are hoping to sell yourself to your dream firm, I’ve got something to help you achieve your ambitions. Hope to see you around at our events! About me: I’m Jon, a 2nd year. I love running long distances…and away from my problem sheets.


Colleen Photo.jpg

Colleen Wijaya

Pipeline Editor


Sick of reading boring lecture notes? Take a break with the Pipeline!


Hello everyone, I'm Colleen and I'm the editor in chief of Pipeline, ChemEngSoc's termly magazine :) I've curated all the Pipeline issues to have a balance of seriousness and fun so do check it out if you want to know more about certain academics in the department, get some soul food, and some real food too (I know some weekday lunch deals & great restaurants in London, tested and proven of course)! About me: I learnt how to cook during my Covid self-isolation and have since enjoyed hosting people for picnics, meals and board games nights! I also enjoy watching comedy TV shows and movies just to take my mind off the serious academic work (escapism much).




Khan Kanjanabult

Communications Officer

Keeping you updated on all things ChemEngSoc.

Hello everyone, I’m Khan and I’m the Communications Officer for this year. My job as ChemEngSoc’s social media admin is to make sure you never miss the amazing events and opportunities available to you, by making posts on our platforms – so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also manage our website, About me: My favourite hobby is going to the gym. I also enjoy watching movies, especially those that leave you thinking even after they end.



Juproop Lalli

First Year Coordinator

First year at Imperial? Let's help you get settled in with the ChemEng Family!

My role is to coordinate the Mums and Dads Scheme and enable the 1st years to have a smooth transition to Uni! I plan and run many events as part of the ChemEngSoc Events team, and aim to ensure 1st years get to know each other and others in the society better by creating an inclusive, welcoming environment, so do sign up and come along! About me: I'm Jup, a 2nd year ChemE. I love Bhangra, Punjabi music and films, but also ChemEng and content creation! In my spare time I run a YouTube channel called ChemEngWeekly and write for the Pipeline too.



David Ke

Regalia Officer

Showing off our ChemEngSoc colours.

I’ll be handling merch design, so we can represent our ChemEngSoc community with pride! Looking forward to hearing any great ideas you all might have. About me: I'm David, a 3rd year. I love art and music and I'm always down to go to new places and try new things



Begoña Parias Moreno de los Rios

Sports Officer

What’s better than ChemEng and sports? Nothing! So come to Frank Morton!

Hi I’m Begoña, I’m a third year student and am delighted to be your Sports Officer for next year! I hope you’re ready for various sporting events from student Olympics to the biggest ChemEng sporting event of the country - Frank Morton! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me! About me: I’m Spanish and love sports - hockey and padel being my favourites. I also enjoy baking and going to La Fiesta every Thursday!



Xuanyong (Keith) Tay

Tour Officer

Let's go out on tours and have fun!

I work a lot with your IR Officers in organising career events, bringing about recruitment opportunities... and most importantly, organising tours! We’ll be going to process plants, refineries, R&D facilities, and many more from various companies. On tours, we get to learn about onsite working experiences and gain insight into the industries from a hands-on perspective. See you very soon! About me: I’m Xuanyong, but call me Keith if you like! I like to game, a lot, even if I’m not very good at it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Bastiaan Geurtz

Alumni Officer

Even after graduation, ChemEngSoc is here for you.

Hi I am Bastiaan, as Alumni Officer, I manage the connections with the ChemEng alumni community. Last year we had a great alumnus come in to speak and I look forward to offering further events to connect. About me: I enjoy hiking, skiing and discovering new places by train!


Hidde Kolmeijer

MSc Officer

I'm here to make sure all MSc students have a great year!

I am Hidde, your MSc. Officer. It is my role to make sure this year’s MSc. cohort can experience life at Imperial outside of modules and research projects to the fullest.  About me: I did my undergraduate degree in Zürich, but I am from the Netherlands originally. I love playing tennis and seeing Holland (hopefully) win the World Cup this year.

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