Meet your Committee of 2020/21

Alessandro Tonus.jpg

Alessandro Tonus


"If you want to make an impact, get involved with ChemEngSoc!"

Into cooking / foodie in general, I am your trusted Chair for the year; I will do everything I can to make your year memorable with the rest of the ChemEngSoc team. If you want to be part of it, get involved!

Fatima Khan

Vice Chair

"ChemEngSoc aren't just focused on the social side - we also want to help with professional development​!"


Throughout my time at Imperial, I've explored multiple career avenues including research, engineering, and consulting. I oversee our Industrial Relations, Alumni, and Tour, the streams that will help you explore different career paths.

Douglas Lau.JPG

Douglas Lau


"Let's build a strong ChemEngSoc community, be it online or in-person."

Though we may not be able to meet in person this year, I will ensure you stay up to date on everything we have planned via my newsletters. This year, we bring ChemEngSoc straight into your living room!



Joseph Davidson


"Handling the less glamorous side of ChemEngSoc."

I'm here to facilitate the smooth financial operation behind the scenes and help make sure the ChemEngSoc enriches the student experience in the department this year as much as possible


Karen Li

Industrial Relations Officer

"Finding a job is a full-time job. But don't worry , I am here to make it part-time for you!"

I talk to companies and organise a series of career events to make sure you know what are the options out there, and get the skills you need to ace the application process. So come along to our events and say hi.


Paulina Gordina

Industrial Relations Officer

"We all leave university eventually. I want to make sure you are career ready when that time comes."

The success of my peers is just as important for me as my own. I want to deliver value to our student body with the events we have instore this year. Because if we all get great jobs, then we will have great teams to work with going further in our careers!


Karyshma Gill

Pipeline Editor

"There's so much information out there sometimes, It's hard knowing where to start."

Pipeline is ChemEngSoc's feature newsletter. Pick up an edition to get your monthly dose of Industry, department and just general wellbeing news.


Zahra Deji-Abiola

Communications Officer

"People already scroll through insta during lectures, let's fill their feed with ChemEngSoc!"

I love to post about food spots in London and will be using these skills to take our social media pages to the next level so that you are always up to date on all things ChemEngSoc.


Mihai-Andru Angheliu

Events Officer


Tigran Minasian

Events Officer

"Lockdown was stressful and so is Imperial."

Here to let you connect with your friends with fun and cosy events.

Sharwari Dixit.jpg

Sharwari Dixit

First Year Coordinator

"I may not be here for all the lectures but am always here to make sure your transition into uni life is as smooth as possible."

I hope to be a friendly face in the department you can have a chat with and remind you that there is more to Chem Eng than just panopto!


Aris Mornto

Regalia Officer

"ChemEng hoodies warn others that we are overcaffeinated and aggressive."

I was inspired to redesign the ChemEng logo by our very own pilot plant and now we make hoodies, flags, coffee cups with it.

Koray Araz

Sports Officer


Athanasios Charos

Departmental Representative

"We will make your academic experience the best possible!"

Hey, my name is Athanasios, but everyone calls me Thanos (I made the name cool, not Marvel). I am from Greece and I am the Academic Departmental Representative. Along with Aris, we will make your academic experience at Imperial the best possible, so be prepared to get involved and don’t hesitate to come and talk to me!