Meet your Committee of 2021/22


Ellen Player


"Want more friends, events or future job exposure? Get involved with ChemEngSoc!"


I’m your ChemEngSoc Chair, in my final year, and aiming to bring ChemEngSoc back from COVID with a bang this year. Outside of ChemEngSoc my hobbies include cycling, lacrosse, coding, and looking after cute animals. During the summer the committee has been working hard to bring a mix of in-person and virtual events for our brilliant socials and tantalising talks with our sponsors. We will soon want you to influence these as well as our other offerings by giving feedback and getting involved.


Paulina Gordina

Vice Chair

"We are here for a good time not a long time, only 4 years really"


And because of that, we should make the most of what ChemEngSoc has to offer!
I oversee the IR, Alumni, and Tours teams, but I am here for YOU as well.

So, if you have any ideas, big or small- we should talk!

About me: I am going into my 3rd year, and I like to play softball. In my photo you can see my lovely tomato plant with an artist's rendition (thank you to our Treasurer Karen) of what it would look like if it actually grew some tomatoes.


Nathan Forshaw


"My job is to make sure everyone knows how awesome ChemEngSoc is!"


I run the newsletter and help coordinate our communications team to bring you info on all our fantastic events and opportunities!



Karen Li


"My mission is to budget and improve your ChemEng experience!"


I handle all of the financial operations in the Society, and make sure any student-enriching initiatives are well-funded and supported. Do look out for free food and giveaways :)


Radhika Nyayadhish

Industrial Relations Officer

"Finding a job is hard enough, let your Industrial Relations Officers make it easier for you!"

I organise career events, workshops and more to help you get Career ready! Come along to one of our events to get a chance to network with industry leaders and get tips and tricks on how to ace the application process. I hope to see you there!


About me: I’m Radhika, a 2nd year. I like to crochet, dance and binge-watch modern family (yes, a lot of it is during term time)

Shannan - IR Officer.jpeg

Shannan Huang

Industrial Relations Officer

"Is looking for internships or job offers on your to-do list? Your Industrial Relations Officers are here to help!"


I’m here to bring companies to you so you’re the first to hear about opportunities, and upskill in workshops, CV clinics and more. With already packed schedules, why not ease the stress of jobhunting? Hope to see you at our events!


About me: I’m Shannan and I’ll be a 2nd year. I like running (both the 100m and from my problems), cheerleading, reading fiction, and going on long walks


Berylle Hernot

Pipeline Editor

"I run the Pipeline team to publish a great newspaper and communicate the important news to you!"

I make sure all chemical engineering students feel connected with their department, understand the possibilities available for them and are aware of the news regarding their degree.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Defne Demirdesen

Communications Officer

“Don’t forget to follow our social media and smash the like button!!”

I let you know about all our organised events and workshops through our social media platforms. You can know the details of our society with one click. I am the admin of our social media platforms and ready to communicate with you all. Don’t hesitate to send a message or comment on our posts😊

About me: I’m Defne and I will be a 2nd year. I like travelling, experiencing new cultures and watching movies (love Black Swan).


Mihai-Andru Angheliu

Events Officer

”Spice up your academic life with our enticing and unforgettable events”

I always managed to keep my enthusiasm and positivity by keeping the right balance between academic life and social life, exams and parties, studying and socializing. I will try to give you the best ChemEngSoc experience with the great events we will organise so that you can balance your uni life.


Yunxiang Zheng

Events Officer

"University life is in your own hands to colourise!"


My job is to help lightening your university experiences up by organising social events for our society. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any event proposals, I am always here for you!

Kadiy'a -First Year Coordinator.jpg

Kadiy'a Roberts

First Year Coordinator

"My job is to make the first years feel like a part of our ChemEng Family"


I am responsible for coordinating the mums and dads scheme as well as planning events for the first years to get to know each other. I hope to make the transition into Uni as smooth as possible by creating an environment where the freshers feel welcomed.


Joella Diong

Regalia Officer

"Let’s show off our ChemEngSoc identity!"

I make things with the ChemEngSoc logo for you to use that represent us as a community. Let me know if you have any great ideas!


Sarah Gunnery

Sports Officer

"My job is to make sure we have great sporting events for all the department!"


The biggest event of the year will be Frank Morton, I will be making sure everyone in the department can have a great time now that there’s the opportunity to be back in person - especially for all the younger years that haven’t yet had that chance. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the events, show off your sporting talents or give something new a go!


Helen Guo

Tour Officer

"Let’s go out for fun!!"

I organise a variety of touring events, including lunch time talk, 1-2 days tours and short one day tour. We are going out to visit companies’ head office, process plants and R&D centres across, as well as having workshop with experts from different chemical engineering disciplines such as energy, pharmaceutical, and environmental management. Students can get the first-hand experience of what is it like to work in their dream companies. 


About me: I’m Siyu, 4th year. Love music, sports and my dog. Hate problem sheet and any form of exams. 


Bastiaan Geurtz

Alumni Officer

"My job is to make sure that Alumni have a place at ChemEngSoc!"


I coordinate with ChemEng Alumni to keep them informed of what’s going at Imperial. I also plan to hold events so that you can meet them and learn about their careers. 


About me: I’m Bastiaan, 3rd year. I like to practice Kendo and hiking in the woods as well as eating good food!